After losing his dad at the young age of 15, Govind Singh Rathore, the now founder of Sambhali Trust was suddenly forced to step up and become the head of his family. In a highly patriarchal society, he watched his sisters and widowed-mother become complete outcasts, losing all their status, respect and rights. He saw this happening to many women and girls around him but also realised that many of them did not have the resources or means to help their situation. He often pondered how he could help them.

In 2006, Govind asked one of his domestic helpers to bring both of her daughters with her to work (instead of locking them in her house all day) so he could teach them to read and write. The next day she brought 18 girls with her! That was a sign for him to create a safe haven for these women and give them hope and purpose. Six months later Sambhali Trust was born - a non-profit charitable organisation that uplifts and empowers vulnerable women and girls. And the rest is history..

In 2006, Govind did not realise that his humble idea would materialise into what it is today. The Trust has achieved so much in such a short time and impacted countless lives.

Today this wonderful non-profit has helped more than 15,000 women and children and counting! It has 24 projects running every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and helps more than 500 women and children every day to learn for free in a safe, inspiring environment. And as they battle the ongoing effects of COVID-19, this organisation continues to provide support to the most vulnerable in their community.

Sambhali has also created two boarding schools for girls, nine empowerment centres, five primary education centres, one graduate sewing centre and two wonderful Jodhpur based boutiques (currently closed due to COVID-19) selling the products made by the women of the sewing centres. They have also established an SOS program for women and children suffering legal, mental and medical issues and a toll-free help line and counselling service called Nibhaya. The Trust has many scholarship and micro financing programs for those in need and has created multiple youth programs including a "no bad touch" program to help and teach girls about sexual abuse.

To learn more about our partner NGO Sambhali Trust please visit their website www.sambhali-trust.org

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