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“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”– Native American Proverb


We truly believe that sustainability is and must be a journey – a constant evolution. What is thought to be sustainable now, may not be in ten years time. It is an area which needs constant reviewing and thought.

While endeavouring to make quality, timeless forever pieces that are made to last and be cherished, we also want to ensure that as a revolutionary label and change-making fashion movement, we do not negatively impact the planet through our existence.

Because if we do that, quite frankly we don’t believe we should exist!


And in today’s world, it is not enough just to sustain or be sustainable, we need to make steps to heal the Earth from the decades of damage that has been done; an area we are very passionate about and will be concentrating our efforts towards as our label grows.

The longevity of our beautiful planet is always at the core of all our collections. Throughout all our processes, from the materials used to produce our garments, to the packaging used to deliver them to our customers, to waste-management, we aim to uphold the highest standards of sustainability practices possible.

These are some of the many practices and initiatives we have in place to ensure our brand is as sustainable as it can be

Conscious, Versatile Design:

With versatility and longevity in mind, we have thoughtfully and deliberately designed wrap style garments that can be worn multiple ways according to your unique style, preference outfit or occasion. Each of our styles have also been designed with “the everywoman” in mind, to be adaptable to different body types or shapes and be flexible to the natural and inevitable changes we go through as women. We want every woman, no matter their shape or size to feel comfortable wearing our garments and to be able to wear them at every occasion and milestone in their lives.


Fast fashion is not in our vocabulary and speed is not our priority. QUALITY, ETHICAL, CONCSCIOUS, SLOW & MINDFUL LIVING are. Our fabrics for this collection are handwoven and hand-dyed with love by talented artisans in India, using ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations. They are slow-made fabrics weaved via a handloom that does not require ANY electric power or energy to function  - how amazing right? Every single piece of yarn in our fabrics have been touched by the amazing hands making it.

Depending on the complexity of the pattern, it can take up to 6-8 weeks to weave and dye around 25m of fabric – enough for 4-5 garments. This means our fabrics cannot be mass-produced or reproduced easily and neither will our collections. Very limited numbers will be made, making it extra special for you as the wearer.

Head to our instagram stories to see how it is made in detail. 


When producing our custom artisan-made fabrics, we only work with certified natural fibres and dyes. Our product pages will specify the composition of each garment and their relevant certifications.  For our current collection, we use GOTS certified organic cotton yarn and OEKO-TEX certified hemp yarns.  Any dyes that are used for our garments are natural, GOTS or OEKO-TEX standard dyes to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in our garments.


We also try our best to use sustainable products for even the smallest things. All our swing tags are made using recycled paper and attached with hemp twine. Furthermore, our garment and care labels are made of organic cotton where possible.


There are so many beautiful unused textiles and fabrics that are already out there in the world, so why not use what already exists?! For one of our collections (currently on hold due to COVID-19) we have only used deadstock and vintage textiles which have been sitting in warehouses that otherwise would have eventually ended up in landfill. Generally, these textiles are perfectly fine, in fact are incredibly beautiful and due to an overproduction for larger brands.


Our talented garment makers use zero-waste techniques to ensure that they cut the fabric in a way where there is little fabric waste. Any remaining fabric is collected and used to make matching scrunchies and headbands for our garments or as button coverings.

Other smaller pieces that we can’t use for our products are collected and donated to our non-profit in India where they make small patch work toys to be sold at their boutique or donated to poor children in the villages. This also helps the women at the sewing centre practice their fine motor skills.

Smaller unusable pieces are unthreaded and shredded and put into compost. Being natural fibres and free of any toxic dyes means they can go right back into mother earth and cycle back through the ecosystem.


Throughout our travels we came across an abundance of rich, unused, unwanted, deadstock and vintage textiles. Our aim is to not use any plastic throughout the entire manufacturing process and to use zero-plastic, eco-friendly packaging. When packaging our orders to our customers, rather than using standard plastic wrapping or packaging, we will be wrapping all items in tissue paper and placing them into one of our embroidered, one-of-a-kind tote bags, made from vintage silk sarees. These beautiful bags can then be re-used by our customers again and again.

We also design our garments carefully, consciously and purposefully in a way that they do not require any extra trims, fastenings or accessories which are usually made out of plastic or non-degradable products.

Carbon Neutral Shipping: Where possible we will be using carbon-neutral shipping services to deliver our orders to our customers.


In order to promote the longevity of our products and to ensure that they do not add to landfill and waste, we have a few initiatives in place for our customers.

Buy/Swap/Sell Group: We will be setting up a private group where our customers can circulate (buy, swap or sell) their products amongst each other.

Repairs service: We will also be offering a repairs service where our customers can send their items to us for mending to extend the life of the garment and to ensure they stay a loved item in people’s wardrobes for as long as possible.

Watch this space! We’ve got some more exciting and ground-breaking initiatives in the works.


With each purchase of one of our forever pieces, we plant a native tree in your name via the non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted. This organization assists with habitat and forest rehabilitation here in Australia. This is one of our giveback initiatives that are in-built into the cost of our garments. Together we will build a forest. 


We want to create a community of conscious consumers who buy less, choose well and make it last. We will be using our platform to educate the public on various topics surrounding sustainability and ethical fashion in order to help shift the needle and change the way people consume. Might sound counter intuitive coming from a clothing label, but we will encourage our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle before buying. We will also educate our community on how to look for quality, how to care for your garments and the benefits of buying well.


Here are some things we would like to look into for our future collections

Thread: We hope to switch all of our thread to 100% GOTS organic cotton or Tencel. It is a work in progress as we need to ensure that while the thread is sustainable, it is also able to keep the integrity of the garment to ensure it's longevity. 

Garment Labels: Our garment labels (not care labels) due the complexity of our logo are not able to printed on cotton. Currently they are a woven damask label. We are looking into alternative for this down the track also.  

Blockchain Technology or QR Codes: We hope to introduce complete transparency to you where you can visually see our entire value-chain from start to finish via QR code or block chain technology. This is in the works already!

If there is any aspects you have questions about or would like to give us feedback or suggestions, we welcome them and truly want you to take this journey with us. Please email us at

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