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"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


Chamani is a purpose-driven, conscious-luxury label and lifestyle movement which aims to uplift and empower marginalised women, all through a common love of timeless, thoughtful fashion. 

Our goal is to create a unique value-chain where we can give back at every stage of production and beyond. To manufacture our collections, we partner with talented artisans to create our beautiful custom fabrics and non-profit organisations to create our garments and products.

We are striving to be the change we wish to see in the world. Harnessing the enormous power of the fashion industry to create life-altering, positive impact to people’s lives and our beloved planet.

We envisage our brand to be a leader in conscious fashion and an iconic symbol of women empowerment for every women around the world, no matter where you come from.


Among many amazing initiatives, our incredible partner non-profit organisations give marginalised women training and work experience in fashion, manufacturing and retail, allowing them to build confidence in themselves, gain a sense of purpose and most importantly gain economic independence.  It is truly an honour to be working alongside such inspiring non-profits and we look forward to the impact we can create together.  Read about our two wonderful partner non-profits in our Partners & Impact page. 


Our unique, limited-item collections are all hand-made with love out of rich, artisanal fabrics. Speed is the last thing on our minds with our fabrics being hand-woven and hand-dyed by our artisans who use ancient techniques passed down through generations.

We prefer to slow down and breathe into each piece we are crafting - each item is a manifestation of months of work and collaboration.

We believe that true luxury lies in the value of quality, wholesome craftsmanship and creating a connection with the very hands that soulfully and meticulously manifested fashion magic.


We only use certified fabrics and dyes in our products. This is ensure there are no harmful chemicals in our garments that inadvertently seep onto your skin and body and to also ensure that we do not put toxic waste into our precious waterways and environment. We also use vintage and deadstock textiles found during our travels to create unique, reusable tote-bag packaging to wrap our orders in.

We pride ourselves on being a transparent, honest label. Each product page will have a transparency passport where you can see where all our materials are sourced and read about how our prices are calculated.

We feel very passionate about not only leaving the planet the way we found it, but also helping to heal the damage that has been done to our planet. Head to our Planet & Sustainability page to read more about our initiatives in this space.


Each unique piece we produce is a dedication to all women, especially the woman behind it. Each garment and print is named after a woman at our partnering non-profits.  When ordering your forever piece, you can learn their stories and not only create a connection with the items that clothe your body but more importantly a connection with the person who lovingly handmade your garment. Read more about the people behind our products at our People & Ethics page.


Chamani is the vision, passion and purpose-driven project of designer and social-entrepreneur Chamani Weerasekara.

After her parents left their home country of Sri Lanka in hopes of a better life in Australia, she grew up seeing the unique and immense struggles that migrant and refugee Australians faced while trying to establish a life there. With a unique background working as a hospital pharmacist then taking a break for several years to extensively travel throughout South East Asia as a tour manager, she also saw the lack of opportunities especially for women and girls in these countries.

Realising how blessed her life was just to be born into a western country such as Australia, she was determined to find a way to give back and uplift marginalised women around the world. Combining her loves of helping others, fashion and travel, her label was born.

"When you buy slow, handmade, artisanal, you are buying so much more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks, months of moments of both frustration and pure joy. You aren't buying a thing, you're buying a piece of heart, part of someone's soul, a manifestation of someone’s life energy. Most importantly, you're buying the maker more time and freedom to do what they're passionate about. You're giving their life meaning." - Rebekah Joy Plett

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